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Originally posted by Mr.Taliban
against back roll do a wd into cd+3 it will catch the opponent back rolling after 1+3 and db+1+3. you can also do dash grab at it will catch them from behind for a bt throw.

KEWL! Thanks!
Is there any way you can FLA WD into FLA 3,4,4,4 JG? I'm trying that and it doesn't work straight.

Originally posted by bdsright
Great info Budding Fighter, this has helped a lot.

Looking forward to the rest of your guide (specifically the team synergy topic)

Your welcome!
To be perfectly honest the team synergy stuff, I'm dreading. That part will mostly be my opinions, and thus be a bit biased (and I don't like info to be biased). I'll try and pair every character in the game with him and talk about how I feel the team will work, along with some basic combos that you can do.
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