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Originally posted by tyler2k
d+4,4 isn't a great option for wall carry because of how they splat, you might want to adjust your combo for something better.

True, although it does work on occasion - if you're *quite* far away from the wall before doing d+4,4 you can actually get a decent wallsplat out of it. On Fontana Di Trevi for example I used a d+4,4 ender; they travelled a decent distance and got a good wallsplat which let me use WR+2 for a bound.

If needs be however you can always use f+3~df WS 1+2 or f+3 CDc 4,1 for the first combo, the second one I'm not sure what you could use to replace d+4,4. The last few hits of d+4,1,3 whiff because of distance. You can always do WS+4, f+1, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc 4,1_WS 1+2, but for infinite stages the original is better for damage.

On infinite stages d+4,4 is the best ender regardless.