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On a separate note concerning solo Dragunov, you can replace the B! saving wall carry combos from the T6 forum with:
- b+2,1, f+1, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc d+4,4
- WS+4, f+1, f+3~df 4, d+4,4

Both apply to certain combos; b+2,1 is for f+1+2, CH uf+1 etc. launchers, WS+4 is for CH (i)WR+2 etc. launchers. I think the b+2,1 version does the same as the T6 version, and the WS+4 version does more than the T6 version, but I cannot yet confirm this, and I'm also not sure whether these versions or the T6 ones carry the opponent further.