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Originally posted by sandilord
Are you serious?

@Savagesloth: you can expand your CH uf1 and f1+2 juggles: CH uf1_f1+2 dash, b21, f1, f3~CDc43 B!, f3~CD1+2.

I started messing around with Savagesloth's juggle (CH uf+1_f+1+2, dash, b+2,1, 4,3 B! f+3 CDc f+1, f+3~df, 1+2) and found it did 1 more point of damage. It's a marginal amount but a point always counts. I also applied both juggles to f+1+2 for the same result.

I also found that doing CH uf+1_f1+2, dash, b+2,1, f+1, f+3 CDc 4,3 B!, f3 CDc d+4,4 does more than both versions, again only by a point (vs Savagesloth's version, it does 2 more vs the CD 1+2 version).