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The trick to mastering Changs is actually not doing much. Because their +frames on hit are pretty bad and KND/launch options are generally unsafe you need to dedicate more time to spacing and CH baiting once you start playing better players who can step/poke or punish you out of your options or mashers who'll get lucky.

eg. CES Express...

Ok I'm back...

Do stuff like shotgun~empty spin (d,df1~3_4) then wait or bd just to see what your opponent is going to do. If they push buttons then punish or step what they do next what they do next.

Now if you know they're going to push a button, next time do shotgun and delay the 2 (d,df1>2) and get a CH KND/w! as the delay will trick them into pre-empting a spin option and they'll eat the CH.

So now they're going to be likely to just stand there and block so you can now shotgun~empty spin, MA or another shotgun or even a canned string if you want to take the risk.

Then they'll be likely to duck so next it's shotgun~empty spin, df1 OC ff3 time.

This flow chart isn't set in stone but essentially being patient is how you'll be able to press your offense with Changs. After all going for broke straight off the bat with shotgun~4,1+2 and getting launch punished for it can lose you up to half a bar with no walls involved.

TL; DR Version.

Use empty spins off shotgun first to see what your opponent is going to do before you start enforcing mixups.
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