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Originally posted by AlastorTGN
Excatly what I was going to come in to ask about, there are two mids out of it, the lunging punch and the knee, knee is useless and the punch looks like it's seeable on reaction?

I feel I'm misusing the Shotgun somewhat, I do fine getting the initial hit in, blocked or not but I hardly ever connect a low or mid out of it, I can buffer MA during it but I keep choking and not using it.

The mids out of spin are not seeable - they just arent great. Spin, 1+2 gives the same move as b+1, a move that should really only be used in combos. Out in the open it is unsafe at at least -10. It does give a guaranteed ff2 on CH though.

Spin 3, 1+2 works wonders on people who have never seen it though lol, which is most people since it is never used.