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While the nature of hit confirming is an argument I've entertained before, I thought I could do something fairly constructive to help people determine the raw capability to hit confirm moves.

Testing input windows is actually pretty easy with the programmable stick, as I just plug in the initial input on F0, then see how late you can stretch the second input, against a 2nd action guard all CPU with and without CH.

If people would like me to test their character's moves input windows I ask the following. Please give the move notation (not name), the initiation frames and the frames on block. Use this format

Character name
Move input

If you do this, I can look to test moves out. If you fail to read this and ask me to "test Paul", I'm happy for a mod to deal with it
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or St George to come and fuck you up

I already have Christie/Eddy's moves up on their wiki, I certainly wouldn't mind if I test a character that people could do the same.

Format is input window/frames on NC/frames on NCC, where f0 is the frame on which the command is completed (not when the prior hit connects).



So, you can input the final 3 on up to F50 (with the first 2 being input on F0). It's not a NC. It is a NCC, input up until F41. Inputs after that are blockable. We know that the first hit is i10, so you could suggest that there are 31F to visually confirm that the first hit has CH, but in reality visual lag will take a further 7F or so (perhaps more depending on your monitor).

This is a little hit confirm program that I've been working on.

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