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[quote=Liquid]shotgun spin on block into any move(canned or not) is interruptible shotgun spin and no move u can block anything your opp throws at u btw shotgun spin 3,1+2 is a useless move [/quote]

I figured as much, it's because she can do better mids out of the roll isn't it? That and the move itself seems to just trap you, you hit with 3, blocked, you hit with the followup 1+2, screwed.

Shotgun on block, spin 1 will beat i13 moves upwards, it will CH Steve CH b1 attempts. Shotgun on hit, spin 1 will beat jabs. Shotgun on block, 3 spin on block can be Flash punished by Yoshi but not 4 spin. Spin 1 is high crouch jabs/TC moves will beat it.


Too bad I suck at mind games and execution, I've tried the sweep out of it and it got blocked every time, to the point I'm worried it's seeable, meanwhile I'm getting slammed hard by Miguel's db1 and Leo's (superior?) sweep into shoulder barge, frustrating.