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Originally posted by USMCOgre
I need to see that vid :/

I did a whole lot of rambling in it so I'll just explain the trick for doing f,f1+2 after a dash here to save you time.

All you have to do is leave the stick at neutral after a dash motion and input f1+2 after the dash. It's a very generous buffer window, so it works as a great TA follow up for a lot of moves that knock people away a bit. I have yet to find a consistent way to get it off of a full run animation though so it's not completely foolproof.

If you do wanna see it in action, here's the vid I made:

I do have some more findings to share, but I'm in the final stretch of the fall semester grind. Once that's over with though, I'll make a new video with a lot less rambling.