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Originally posted by ExOsKeL
Just tested Bry/Drag, so far this is the combos I've able to land:

Drag to Bry:
qcf+1_qcf+2~5, (bry 3,3,4~5),drag ff+2 B! (bry TA! b+2,1,4) drag dash f+3~df~ws+1+2
- 95~96 damage, 100 for qcf+2 launcher

It's 3,3,2~5 for bryan. 3,3,4 isn't tag bufferable. Everything else looks okay.
df+2,f+4,4,3,1,ff+2 B! (bry TA b+2,4) drag dash f+3~df~ws+1+2 - 86~87 damage

Bry to Drag:
f,b+2~5,(drag qcf+1~5),bry db+2,f+4,1 B!(drag TA! f+443) bry ff+2 - 89 damage

(df+3_uf+4_b+1 CH_ws+3 CH_f+3 CH),f+4,1 B! (drag TA! 4,4) bry dash b3~f+4,1,2 - 89-91 damage depends on the launcher

ws+1~5,(drag f+4,4,3,1,ff+2 B!) bry TA b+2,4 (drag dash f+3~df~ws+1+2)

Just bolded this one cause you didn't state the damage. It does 92 with ff+3, 93 with f+3~df~WS1+2.

I have a small amount of things to share with Bryan/Dragunov:
Bryan starter:
df+3_uf+4, WS+3, db+2, f+4,1 B! TA! f+4,4,3 WR+3 - 92_94 damage
QCB+4, db+2, f+4,1 B! TA! f4,4,3 ff+3 (hold) - 90 damage + taunt for Bryan
uf~n+4_CH b+2,1_b+2 cancelled to f+1_CH QCF+4,1, b+2,1 f+4,1 B! TA! f+4,4,3 WR+3 - weakest option does 89 damage, strongest does 117 damage

Dragunov Solo:
low parry, b+2,1, f+1, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc d+4,4 - 40 damage
f+1+2, b+2,1, f+1, f+3 CDc 4,3 B! f+3 CDc WS+1+2_d+4,4 - 77_79 damage, d+4,4 can be inconsistent (have rarely managed to hit it on Wang) so I added the WS+1+2 variant which is very, if not fully consistent.
QCF+1_QCF+2, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc d+4,4_WS+1+2 This isn't much in terms of damage, but the wall carry is absurd. While not as ridiculous as Bruce or Nina's wall carry, this combo does cause a wallsplat from the starting position in Fontana Di Trevi.

Dragunov Starter:
QCF+2, f+2,4, ff+2 B! TA! b+2,1,4 ff+3_f+3 CDc WS+1+2_4,4 - 100_101_103 in order of ending.
QCF+1_QCF+2~5 b+2,1 f+4,1 B! TA! f+4,4,3 WR+3 - 94_98 damage depending on starter choice. Bryan's b+2,1 CAN/WILL whiff on smaller characters when using Dragunov's QCF+1 starter, in which case do db+2, f+1, b+3,1+2 into TA!.
Combo involving the wall carry combo I showed in the Dragunov solo section:
QCF+1_QCF+2, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc f+1, f+3 CDc d+4,4_WS+1+2 W! ff+2_WR+2_iWR+2 B! TA! b+2,(1 SSc) f+4,1 b+2, WS+1+2 - QCF+1 with iWR/WR+2 does 107, QCF+2 does 111.
f+1+2, ff, b+2,1, f+1, f+3 CDc 4,3 B! TA! b+2,4 ff+3 - 91 damage. This is consistent, but it does carry opponents very far, so it may not be perfect for wall stages.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't mention the CDc's when doing f+3 into f+1. I've edited this now, and added another combo.

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