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db4 was pretty deadly; the way it's been cut down makes it so laughable -- a lot of my combos were key to that connecting, so there goes like 1/3 of the book.
Also disappointing is that her FC df1 no longer launches, instead being toned down so severely it's more of a weak slap instead of a strong backhand.

[f2,3], [df4,4] used to work, but doesn't now since f2,3 ejects opponents outside of sweep distance.

[b1,4], [WR 1,2,4] and [ff2~f] are very nice additions, but disappointing that she didn't regain her [b1] and [f2,1+2] from DR. IMHO, they could've been retagged (respectively) [ub1] and [b2,1+2]
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