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1. No (above average recovery tho)

2. You got no strong 50/50, except db+3,2/qcf+1_f+1+2<1, but thats mainly for wall oki since its hard to get close enough. Play a strong poking game, and once they get impatient nail them with b+1 . WR+2, fc df+1 and 2,1~f are good moves to get an offence going.

3. d+2,1 no contest. New fc df+1_PAB d+1 is also very good.

4. Dont use f+2,1. People will duck and punish. f+2,1~f seems more safe then f+2,1~b tho. Anyway df+1 is your main poke, with the occational df+1,2. 2,1~b_f is also very good, as well as duck~ws+1, fc df+1, d+2 etc.

5. qcf+1 and f+1+2 are two strong, safe mids. qcf+1 wallsplats and has better range while f+1+2<1 is hitconfirmable and does more damage. Good ways to get in range can be a WR+2 on block, duck canceling in when they are afraid of pressing buttons, or any type of knockdown.

6. Way more frame advantage. 1,1,2 is +1 on hit, 2,1~f is +17 or something haha (cant remember, i will post the frame data soon)

7. PAB grab is 12f IIRC. Anyway PAB is very strong in this game imo, especially since they buffed the sabaki window of PAB 2. This move is just too much. 15f, -3 on block, sabaki, CH launcher and homing T_T. Anyway he got a ton of strong opitions from this stance and it can be really annoying for the opponent if you use it correctly.

8. Always play a balanced playstyle with all characters.
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