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I'll give it a real go.

1. d/b+2 : Good damage, hits grounded, low, allows a WS mixup on hit.
2. EWGF : Excellent wiff punisher for huge damage, tracks somewhat too
3. d/f+1,2 : Double mid, natural combo, wall splats, bounds, great damage and knocks down
4. ff+2 : High launcher, mid, large distance, only some characters can punish it well, goes under highs and some mids
5. 1,1,2 : hit confirmable 10 frame jab string, knocks down
6. FC d/f+4 : knocks down on normal hit, good damage, lethal near a wall
7. WS1 : Fast, mid, guarantees follow ups for great damage
8. b+2 : long range mid, combo on CH, safe
9. f+3 : Safe, mid, combo on CH, can hit characters moving on the ground
10. u/f+3,4 : Double mid, safe, crushes lows, great damage