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I believe I have just four-five more topics to cover as far as TTT2 Baek is concerned (Okizeme, Juggling, FLA WD, Team Synergy and possible good partners, and General Strategy in depth and more explanations; I don't have the game on me so I can't really make anti-character strats). So, I'm thinking of consolidating all this stuff into one other thread and making this a discussion thread (I suggest mods may want to merge the 'Are You Happy With Baek' thread with this one because it's got some strat stuff in it).

Anyone wanting to contribute to oki? Please? I don't have much stuff for TTT2, only T6. Marin's got the 1+2,4 oki when opponent faces the wall, and he made the vid in which he talks about double db+3,3~f oki off of combos (which the Baek community should be grateful for ), so is everything else the same as T6 in terms of oki?
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