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Originally posted by venzo77
i was finally able to connect idssf+4 after drag f443 but im not sure its worth it. the juggle starting from law UF4 for ex deals 3 points more only and its not so consistent imo. or maybe i just suck. the one with fff3 is easy as hell instead.

law UF4, 4u3, f1, ff43 B!5, drag f443, law fff3 86 dmg
law UF4, 4u3, ff43 B! 5, drag ff443, law iDSSf+4 89 dmg

for dss to connect a dash is required while performing drag f443. this makes the DSS so annoying to perform. i guess dss f+4 may have a better wall carry.

If dss f+4 hv so....and easy in command...then u should hv to use it.......instead of fff+3
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