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I figure jab strings, throws, and ground throws all go without saying, so I will omit them.

1. d/b2 - Key move vs gimmicky stances, safe mid, decent range, full juggle on CH, and wall splat on normal hit. His best new addition IMO.

2. d3 and d4 - Primary low pokes. Good damage and range. d4 also tracks quite well on top of it being a unparryable high crush. Forces people to duck or crush instead of less risky fuzzy low parries.

3. Tackle - Back to being the way it's supposed to be. Your primary tool in keeping up your momentum as long as you're using it correctly.

4. d/f1 - Primary launcher. Just as much range as d/f3, and his some high crush frames added to it. Improved hit box goes a long way too.

5. d/f3 into all extensions - Various follow ups for various purposes: 17f launcher with d1 follow up, 1,d2 follow up that's hit confirmable and you can just stop at the 1 for +2 on block, 1,2,f1 follow up for good + frames on block that can train them to duck, and 1,2,3,1+2 follow up for when they are trained to duck. Risky, but quite damaging.

6. f2 with all extensions - f2 tracks to his right, has HUGE range, HUGE advantage on regular hit, full juggle on CH, and is safe on block. You can use f2,1 high, high string that's safe on block to train them to duck, and god help them if they do start to duck because they'll be eating the d1,2 NC launcher for absurd damage.

7. u/f3 - While the disadvantage on block makes this a tad bit less useful, it can still give certain characters some major problems. Just be careful not to use this move too liberally and get jabbed out of it and eat a full juggle for your hubris.

8. d2,4 - IMO, this is Marduk's most underrated move. Both hits are mid, elbow into knee for anti counters, natural combo, nice chunk of damage, second hit has CH properties, and pushes back slightly on block. I'm also fairly certain that it tracks to Marduk's right.

9. ff2 - His fastest option for normal hit knockdown, wall splats, and only a small disadvantage on block, which makes it a great set up for...

10. d/b1+2 - Pretty much the definition of high risk/high reward. SSR before it to give yourself a bootleg double sidestep. Nets him his highest non CH juggle damage, and even if you connect off axis, you have enough time to sidestep into position before continuing with your juggle.

Obviously lots of other honorable mentions (d/f1+2, b4, f1+4, VTS d1+2, WS1, b2, etc...), but these are the primary moves I like to think about since I'm a whore for setting up and getting big damage.