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Originally posted by Katt
Will those actually hit after lars fb2,1? I didn't think they would be stable if he used a 2-hit B!.

Edit: Yeah so I did some testing.

Lars point, W! fb2,1~5 B! Drag f+3 CDc 3,1,2 Lars f+4,1,2,1 is strongest, but not on smalls like Ling as Lars' f+4,1,2,1 won't connect all hits.

Doing b+2,1,3 with Dragunov is very inconsistent might give the opponent a window for a tag crash.

With Drag on point, W! *backdash* 4,3~5 B! Lars 1+2~b f+4,1,2,1 Dragu ws+1+2 seems to be the strongest consistent one so far, also working on Lings. I'm open for further suggestions though.

Just do 3,1,2 TA then for smalls and more consistency.
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