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Hi, fellow Steve Fox players,

I have been testing out some approaches and tactics, and I wanted to get feedback from other players.

First, what do you personally do against players that attempt to crouch punch you out of stance mix-ups (pkb, flk, dck, wv)?

This is what I've been using,

Transitions into pkb -

1) after f+2, 1~f (block or hit):
LWV 1, 1
crouch cancel PKB, Low Parry

2) after f+2, 1~f (on hit only):
( I am having inconsistent results with the following )
PKB f+2 ( avoids crouching 2? )
PKB b+2 ( avoids crouching 1? )

The weaves out of peekabo are very evasive and generally if I call a crouch punch
and buffer a weave 2 or weave 1,1 immediately after entering pkb I will catch the opponent.

The f+2 and b+2 out of peekabo seem like they will work b/c Steve moves one of his legs away from the opponent during each move. For pkb f+2 it's his left leg I believe and pkb b+2 is his right. Both moves seem too slow to work if your opponent sees you're in pkb and tries to jab you out of it though.

Flicker Stance:

I've got nothing to keep people from trying to sit jab me out of flicker except for weaves and perhaps flk 1, f+1. Most of the attacks out of that stance are fast, but hit high, so I'm still trying to figure this out.
Any suggestions?