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Originally posted by tyler2k
Deathfist is often referred to as DF, evidence by the fact that it's real name isn't even DF

it was deathfist in tekken 2 for wang/paul and heihachi. i think pauls got changed to phoenix smasher in t3 and wangs became slow power punch in TTT, i'm not really sure when they changed heihachis.

either way, when you get deathfisted you know which move hit you .
Signature Bruck him for souf east, blud

look man the move doesnt track sidestep, but if you sidestep it will hit you
steves b+1 isint safe because it only auto guards high and mid, but you can cancel it and block all lows
Jaycees u/f+4,3 is launch punishable on block but if you try to punish it the 1 follow-up will hit you