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Hello everyone, im planning to go to the next step in the community guide for beginners;pagenumber=1

The information added has reached a point where more experience players than me are needed to add the information, because i can cover them in general but it's very difficult on particular, people like Budding Fighter for example are experience fighter who has contributed a lot and this is the kind of ideas that whe guide needs, at this point, there are a few characters that may need more information.

Anna, Bob, Bryan, Mishimas, Jin, Dragunov, Ganryu, Lee (kinda), Leo, Marduk, Nina, Steve, Wang, Yoshimitsu, Baek.

Please people, can you check them out and post any ideas?
Also, if you see other character lacking information feel free to post it.

Please try to avoid terminology in the explanations because the guide is beginner friendly, or post what you want and i will "translate it".
Thanks for your time.

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