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Originally posted by noodalls
A thread putting together some ideas for punishing tag ins, tag outs and tagcrashes.

df+2 b,B+3+4 will punish tagcrash, opponent cannot interrupt.

CH b+3,3 RLX 2 d+2,3 RLX sideroll will avoid tag crash, then can do RLX 4~3.

Rodeo then u+3, beats KND 3,4 and tag crash, will beat tag in delayed.

I was trying the d2,3 into RLX sideroll to avoid tag crash, I couldn't get this to work a single time, regardless of combo or stage positioning... a real shame, since it seems super cool. I hope I'm just doing something wrong here.

HOWEVER, this thread got me to try some things. After d2,3 after bounding a juggle in the open (not near the wall), what you can do to bait tag crash (and something I didn't realize before) is roll back and then ws3... this is super good because it works even after very, very long juggles (i.e. double hopkick, b3,3, rlx2,4! HH with Hwo...) and because after a juggle like that, d2,3 plus the RLX3 is by far max damage (uf3+4 will not hit etc.).

On a side note, something I noticed is that the oki after d2,3 does not work the same way anymore. Before, if I remember correctly, the RLX3 was guaranteed if they did ANYTHING but stay down, where it would whiff. Now it HITS grounded, but can be blocked by standing up and crouch guarding... so you have to mix with a RLXf3+4 or RLX2 (obviously, RLX3~4 will whiff). Still, getting the RLXf3+4 is 33 damage and d2,3 by itself is one point less than uf4 (which I think is max normally), so its still good.

Similarly, after B! RLX2,4, you can hold back to get out of HSP and do a ws3 to deal with tag crash. Also a good juggle option because of HSPd3 (+10) and HSPb3 (+15).

After B! HSP(2), 4, 3, you can elect to not do the last sweep and just get up, if they tag crash then they will whiff way in front of you. I guess mixup with ss3d to put them in a mixup if they tech... I think I'm the only one who uses this ender anyway.

However, after RLX2,(f3), RLX2, (f4) etc. etc. tag crash is unavoidable. The only thing you can do is RLX2 and then back off, which kind of sucks since you don't even get a chance to go for a reset with qcf3 if you do so.

The df2 trick is super cool, that unblockable does seem to be unavoidable in that case. Unfortunetly, so far df2 seems the best option for it since other moves don't put you at the right position for it, hopefully we can get more into it.

I was looking into baiting tag crash after Christie's throws (since they lead into so much damage), but unfortunetly, could not get anything to work. The ONLY thing I got was a well timed b2, which just whiffs but avoids the tag crash.

After both df2 and rodeo, you can back off and go for a ws3 (or df3+4, but that seems to not always guarantee a juggle in this case) if they come in.

Good thread, tag crash kind of is the option to beat Capo's oki game, so hopefully we can find more ways to keep people down!
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