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Originally posted by Morninglord
Agreed upon by who? Don't dress up your opinion please. Leave it up to others to decide if they want to agree with you.

df3,3 is -20 btw

chill bro...i said probably.

and i only said this because alot of these moves are in guides explaining that they're good, or moves that myself and other Lars players use in general. Not really just footsie tools.

I only use df3,3 as a combo ender if I want to gain distance from my opponent. Plus if it's thrown out and blocked, depending on what move they use to try and punish it, a b4 will sometimes land on counter hit. NOT ALL THE TIME I KNOW. I'll usually troll someone if that setup lands.

This is my first Tekken game I'm learning to compete in, I've leveled up since making this list so it would probably change, and change again after that.