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@Budding: Nice posts! Although some of your remarks are somewhat debatable. I think b+1 and b+2 are great moves, because of the added sidestep. And some good moves that I would add are uf+2 (safer than FLA uf+3 as a low crush from FLA and + on block), d+3 and 1+2,4.

I'd also like to add this one strat of my own: 1+2,4 near the wall. First, an example from an actual match vid:

Basically FDFA oki near the wall is scary, because of how difficult it is for the opponent to get out of the FDFA position, because you can get relaunched into the wall at any moment and because basically the only good way out is either by quickstanding, which results in a cornered position (which is also a tough spot to be in), or Tag crashing. Baek has the fastest attack that results in a spiked FDFA position in the entire game, namely 1+2,4 (14 frames). Some moves that are great in this situation:

For resetting the oki:
- d+3
- ss+3
- d+2

For a wall splat:
- df+1
- f+2
- d+4,3,3,3~f

I prefer to use 1+2,4 near the wall instead of a wall splat launch because of the amazing oki afterwards.
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Keep guessing, till my db+3,3~f damage accumulates, idiot.