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alright, so after around 5 hours of practice, I can get the stance to cancel pretty consistently. I've come to the conclusion that there needs to be a small pause between each input: df312 (give it a few frames) 3+4 (give it another few frames) 3+4. Now I'm trying to get my ff1+2 afterwards to be as consistent. When I do it, one of 3 things happens:
1)I get it properly and ff1+2 comes out
2)Nothing happens at all! I'm assuming I did everything too early, but that's weird because if I wait any longer the combo simply whiffs.
3)I get f1+2 instead. This is the most common outcome. I really need to find a trick to keep this from happening.

My brain has no idea what my hands did differently when it worked and when it didn't. I'd be extremely grateful if those who have it down could describe the timing they use in more detail

Thanks again,