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Originally posted by Lord TKD
Sorry for the translations, I've always had this problem....

yes it is SUPER FLA, requires some practice, it runs like in Tekken 6 but if you delay will be released the low special Parry.

I could do it alone with 2 moves.

4,3, fla AND 3+4, fla

Sorry I can not contribute much, the language is a small obstacle


We respect you sir. Any information you can give us is really good.
I didn't know that was possible. Thanks sir!
Originally posted by Mr.Taliban
also the 123~f fla cancel can also be done by holding d or u or even b. 123~u_b will give you a standard 1,2 into fla with a quick ss property. doing 123~b will give you a fla backdash after 1,2. 123~f fla has the same cancel property as df+3~f. these two moves has unique cancel properties compared to his other moves that cancel into fla.

I did talk about that in an earlier post haha. However df+3~b will not cancel. The df+3 cancel will be talked about in a whole lot of detail soon enough...
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