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I use them in the same situations you do. That's what I would call "situational".
Top ten is 10 most important moves in his game. The kind of moves a brand new person can pick up and focus on as a core element of his game before branching out into situational moves.
b+2,3, b+2,1, they're really not that important. You can win without b+2,1, it doesn't do enough damage to care about over his other pokes, it's really linear, short range and it's the same speed as other better pokes that are 100% safe on block. b+2,3 is only important when their back is to the wall and that is only part of his game. Plus in most cases f+2,4 will do just as well. The damage difference is only a few points. Yes I know it's a high, most whiffs it doesn't matter and it's a lot faster. If you can only think of a handful of moves b+2,3 is super important for then it's situational.

If you had a "when their back is to the wall" top ten list b+2,3 it would be up there as a whiff punisher I agree. But so would f+2,4 and if dragon had a say in the list b+3,4, although I'd take uf+4~5 in any situation he uses b+3,4 since it's only slightly slower and I prefer red damage wall combos. But that's just me.

A top ten move is not a move that you can easily win without ever using at all (b+2,1), or that implementing doesn't make a particularly big difference over a different move that does the same job for similar damage (b+2,3).

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes I throw out b+2 empty a lot to mess people up later with the second part of the string when they think b+2 is all I'm going to do. That kind of string mixup is basic stuff you can use it for. But it's not something I do to everyone or all the time. I do it based on the person I'm playing.

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