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Originally posted by IcePhoenix
^ I'm thinking you should be able to get a bit more damage with your Mig/Bryan team considering they both do so much on their own. I don't play much Bryan anymore, though.

My main has been Miguel since the first days of T6. I run with the following currently:

Miguel/Bob - (Great team. They even have a specific tag throw exclusive to them. Mig's d/f+1+2~5 brings in Bob for another two hits) If anyone is interested in my combos for them, I'd be glad to post them.

Miguel/Jinpachi - (Damage like crazy) As stated above, if anyone wants my combos, I'm happy to share.

Lars/Miguel - I play Lars on point and then tag to Miguel for that additional red damage. His SAV stance transitions are amazing TA's. Nothing looks cooler than tagging Miguel in for his d/f+4,1~f SAV 1,2,1 into Lars' f,f,f+2+4.

Overall, Miguel is going to be great with any character due to his amazing damage and wall carries off his TA's. I'd venture to say he is without equal in the TA category.

Jinpachi/ Miguel is currently my main now
And as you said damage is crazy
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