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Originally posted by Magus1234
Well with Mig alisa you can milk the damage a little more by doing;
Migs- Df21, d+2~5 TA-Alisa (ws 2 3+4 121,3+4) dash up 1, ff22 or if you dont like the ender you can just wr 3 or df22 either ender works.

I think thats like 94 and basically will take you to a wall no matter what.

Cute combo, but in forcing the early B! and extended TA, you're dealing the majority of your damage as recoverable red health. This I do not like. I'll use it if forced, e.g. {Alisa} uf4,4~5 B! {Mig}, df1~f, df4,1~f SAV 1,2,1 {Alisa} WR2; but I much prefer not to. I actually don't use the TA all the time because situationally, the extra damage is not really worth it.

Don't get me wrong, the combo could be situationally worth it, e.g. when you want to go for the kill, etc. But it just wouldn't become my BnB.
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