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Originally posted by LordDarkDan
I rage at myself more than I do others for doing crap or missing seeable situations. "WHY DIDNT I PUNISH THAT?!?!" or "THATS A 2 BREAK WHY DID I PRESS 1??!!" and most frequent "I NEED TO STOP USING THAT!! ITS UNSAFE!!"

This is my entire online experience

I find myself having the thought process of 'He wouldn't be stupid enough to throw out that launch punishable launcher when he's at -5' and such far too often.

I over-estimate most online players i fight on a daily basis. I wouldn't mind if it was an intelligent player who had the entire thought process and knew that he could interrupt my setup with a hopkick, but they're just scrubs who panic and mash out their favourite launcher.

Ergh, I need to start thinking out every possibility in a match instead of only preparing for the top 2-3 most likely.

I got beaten by a chreddy scrub who just kept mashing out random crap and accidentally applying oki i wasn't expecting last week, jumped up thinking I'M SUCH AN IDIOT' when i only meant to get up quickly and landed on the edge of a full bowl of cereal I was about to tuck into. I'm still finding dried milk on my arcade stick.