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Originally posted by Demoyon
Character Allegiance

Alisa on Point
+1: Lars, Lee, Panda, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu
-1: Asuka, Bryan, Jack-6, Raven
-2: Jin, Lili, Mokujin

Alisa on Secondary
+1: Jack-6, Jin, Lars, Lee, Raven, Yoshimitsu, Zafina
-1: Ogre, Xiaoyu
-2: Bryan

Switch in

Alisa on Secondary
+1: Jack-6, Jin, Lars, Lee, Raven, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Zafina
-1: Ogre
-2: Bryan

+1 for Alisa (secondary) likes Xiaoyu is so far the only difference from the (then available) arcade version/Prologue, and the console version we have now. The top row characters have no allegiance (yet, maybe Namco will patch some in with an update, we don't know).

The TZ wiki has the old arcade table on the bottom while the text version is a WIP for the console release and it's filling up slowly because no one else is working on it and all characters are tested again one by one when I have the time. It will eventually be compiled into a table just like the arcade one.

If you still want to be doubly sure:
Start a 2vs2 match
Alex + Anyone VS Xiaoyu + Alisa
Lock the second team's input to move towards you or ask a friend or something...
With Alex do 5x d/f+1 which is 5x20=100 damage = the number for +1 rage activation.

....and holy shit what a guide! Amazing!