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Originally posted by Miss Rochefort
shall i use df4 instead df1? if he doesnt sidewalk df4? how many frames has df4 on block?

Use df+4 at longer ranges where df+1 won't reach. Use df+1 for people who step to their left often and/or those who attack after blocking a move (continue the extensions on df+1).

Originally posted by ferretwraith
A little confused by the "Suggested Changes to Alisa" section though. I tried to read it as a general weakness section, but that doesn't seem to be what it is. Is that implying balancing patches? That may potentially add new moves? Wishful thinking for X street fighter not being terrible? ... proposed tweaks down to the frame data and inputs for way into the future for tekken 7?

It's a section that states some of Alisa's weak points and how Namco can address them by changing frames and/or adding moves. Basically, if those changes were to be put in the game, Alisa would be a better character than what she is today.