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I'm having a lot of success running Steve / Miguel. Generally as a rule of thumb I like to have my first character keep them honest by punishing them hard for pressing buttons, be it with counters (Steve) or whiffs (Kazuya) and then have my second character random them out with raw damage, which Miguel excels at.

Steve has amazing damage potential and is great at the start. Sometimes get the round before they even manage to tag. He has problems though with turtles if the opponent has the life lead and that's where Miguel comes in. Miguel is your crutch and as everyone here should know, can take the round in seconds with a few simple pokes in rage. He also covers Steve's range and whiff punishment issues well with his long sexy Spanish legs. dat hopkick. I'll occasionally have Miguel first though, especially against better players, to try and wear them down with pokes.

Go to youtube and check out Bohee to see how effective this team can be. I'm sure NYCfab is probably running it too.

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