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Seeing as I posted most of my juggles in the other thread I'll post up my wall stuff with Jaycee and Marduk here.

Marduk to Jaycee
db+2 (W)df+4,2~5 (TA)[Jaycee]db+1+2~1+2, [Marduk]b,b+1+2, f,f+1+2

Jaycee to Marduk
d+1+2 (W)b+2,1+2~5 (TA)[Marduk]b+3 [Jaycee]df+3+4

Italy stage - Round begins - Jaycee to Marduk
qcf+2~5, [Marduk]uf+3, 2,d+1+2~5, [Jaycee]d,df+1~4,1+2~5 (TA)[Marduk]f+2,1, (W)[Jaycee]dash df+3+4

Pretty much any other level but Italy - Round begins
Marduk to Jaycee
CH db+2, dash df+3,1+2~5 (TA)[Jaycee]d,df+1~3, df+4,2,3, [Marduk]dash d+1+2 (W)f,f+1+2
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