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Guess it's best we quote the T6 combos so people get a general idea of what to do. I'll add a few guaranteed follow-ups for people to add to or correct.

CH b+2_VTS+2_WS+2_(f+1+2),2
- VTS (f+1),2~5 (best option)
- 1+2+5_FC df+1+2 (after VTS+2_WS+2 only)
- f+1+2,2
- db+3,1,1

CH (d+2),4
- f+1+2,2 (damage)
- df+2,1

- b+1,2

- db+4

- standard juggle follow with what you normally use
df+3,1+2 and df+4,2 etc

CH (1),(2),f+1
- db+3,1,1

CH 1+2
- df+1
- db+2 (do this if your opponents back is to the wall follow with df+4,2 etc)

CH (df+4),2
- GT attempt (whilst it doesn't register in practise I've never had it escaped. Corrections welcome!!)

Ok it's best that we realise Marduk has a lot of delayable attacks. Most of which set up his counter-hits so:
f+2<1 This is his mid high mix-up if you notice your opponent duck after f+2 immediately launch with f+2<d+1,2

Sorry for derailing the other thread, we needed this thread a looong time ago.

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