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Originally posted by crusheznbs
so... iFLA involves canceling the 3, 3-5 frames before impact. essentially holding your horses and waiting a bit on 3, 3 ~ F cancels and even more on 4, 3 ~ F, but quicker on 2, 3~ F cancels, right?
and to optimize combos (ex: 3+4 F 3+4 F 3+4 etc.) it involves releasing the forward at the same frame window....

Essentially, yes. You need to be able to wait and anticipate the kick just snapping from the knee, and then you press the buttons.
2,3 is a direct transition, unless you're talking about 1,2,3~f in which case yep, you need to kinda react quicker. IMO f+4,3 is one of hardest cancels to do, simply because you need to wait. when doing 1,2,3~f or even 4,3,3~f I kinda get into the flow of things, but f+4,3 is hard simply because you need to wait quite a lot. I don't use f+4,3 simply because of that; afraid that I'll mess up and give the other guy a free CH opportunity.

one other thing i was wondering was what would be the fastest way to SS with baek and how could it be utilized effectively to evade and set up launches? (without using the pseudo super flamingo side step out of 4+3 and 4,3,3).
Is it just B3, df3 ~ U_D? So just a small ss from the FLA transition and a bigger one with the FLA WD.

b+3,df+3~D is the way to SS the largest, as U will just bring you where you began.
The fastest and the largest is SSR, b+3, FLA SSR (hold d), b+1. This brings you to the opponent's back even if they're just standing. However, if you need to get out of your opponent's fact, SSR, b+3, FLA SSR should do the trick, especially if he's being aggressive and stringing away like there's no tomorrow. This leaves you in FLA right behind him, and this is where you can use your TKD combos (BT combos that do half-life on any bloke) to make him pay. In T6 it was FLA 3,4,4,4; WS 2,1 B!; WS(do a CD here to get to the opponent and for iWS) 4,4,4, which gave 105 dmg. I don't know if it still works and if it does, what damage does it do, (as I haven't played TTT2 much) but I expect it to be around the same area. If you have a partner which has good TA! that pops the opponent up from BT and does a good chunk of damage, you're looking at halflife anyway, especially with Baek's df+3+4 ender.

I noticed in the Match replay of Jung Pa Dak (Baek, Hwoarang)VS Knee you put up in another thread showcased some very fast side steps
EX: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...6zID-oJu0#t=23s) seems like an example of the super FLA SS out of 433

What he did there was just 4,3,3 iFLa cancel and then hold D for two SS.

But http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...6zID-oJu0#t=29s
he does not cancel any moves, just flamingo then fast side steps.

That's just b+3 into SSR. I'm really impressed with Namco buffing up Baek's FLA SS and SS in general; will give more opportinities for TKD combos it seems.

PS: Don't ask why they're called TKD combos. I don't know either haha.
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