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Some of the stages in TTT2U has the balcony break feature, that means if you break a certain wall, your opponent will be fall down to the lower level, in to our waiting partner. I have play a bit with these feature, hoping to find anything worth sharing. But, for now, i figure these fact:
- you could maximize the damage by doing
Wall Splat > Bound! partner TAG filler > Wall break > Small Combo

- but if you after Wall splat, you immediately Wall break, your waiting partner downstairs still could bound your opponent. So its depend on your choices.

And i have listed all the move that could break the balcony:
• 2,4,1
• 1+2
• F+2,1,2
• F+4
• F+1+2
• f+3+4,1
• f+3+4,1+2,1,2
• df+2,2
• tag throw
• df+3+4
• d+4,1+2
• b+1
• BT+1+2
• b+4
• b+1+2
• uf+2
• uf+3
• b,f+1


Just like several other character (Lei, Raven, Hwoarang, Lili, Xiaoyu), in BR versions, Feng has a moves that instantly make he turn his back from opp for several set ups on various situations.

Instant BT accessible by doing b3~4, although he's quacking on the way, signaling his transformation. Cant Namco make him stay quiet? The last thing we need is alarming our opp about set-ups were about to do. However, besides b3~4, BT accessible via five other moves : ss+2, 122~b, f4~b, ss+3, f+1+2, and 334~b.

BT stance is very good for setting set-ups even against seasoned ppl. Just make sure we didn’t using it too often. Hao's often used instant BT for mixups in a cornered opponents. While Japan's Yuu, loves to baiting juggles or canceling by doing f4~b over and over.

Basically theres two way to entering BT stance.

1) By punishing.
122 are NC. A blocked strike that minus 10-12 frame, should be punished with 122. While punishing, we could directly turn for BT, by 122~b. 122~b on hit and CH is +7.

2) By attacking.
ss+2 is a long range, that only -1 on block and +9 on hit or CH. and instantly goes for BT.
f4~b. This will gives KND on hit for guaranteed 2~1B!

BT mixups :
• BT+1. h, 16 dmg, 12f, -1, +5, +14
• BT+2. m, 16 dmg, 16f, -6, +4, +4
• BT+2,2. m,m, 16,22 dmg, -13 OC, SLD B!, SLD B!
• BT+3. m, 40 dmg, 32f, +3 OC, +21 KS, SLD
• BT+d+3. (close),l, 18 dmg, 18f, -15 RC, JG, JG
• BT+d+3. (far), l, 18 dmg, 18f, -15, -3, JG
• BT+1+2. m, 29, 16, -5 BT, CFS BT, CFS BT

Tips :
- Do not pull d+3 on the first try! It is -i15 on block. Most ppl would wait for that moves. Instead, go for 1+2 first, and then do d+3. Most ppl will block BT+1+2, but, when they try to punish blocked BT+1+2 with fastest moves (usually jab), BT+d+3 will launches them.
- Duck, reverse and punish. While in BTed, by holding DB (downback), you'll turn feng toward opp again but still in crouch position. If your opp try to catches your BT by jab, they'll whiff and launched by WS+3.


Sadly Feng did not have any nice post-throw game. All of his throw are not with guaranteed followups, since opponents could block followup attempts. Our only advantages are that most throw leaves opponents close to our feet, for wake up game settings.

Here's all Feng throws.

• Front throw. 35 damage, 12f (15f long throw), 1 break, -6 on break.
• Opponent recovers FDFA, away. Nothing guaranteed or possible good Oki's.

• Front throw. 35 damage, 12f (15f long throw), 2 break, -2 on break.
• Opponent recovers FUFT, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.

Any Throw Left Throw
• Left throw. 40 damage, 1 break, -4 on break.
• Opponent recovers FDFA, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.

Any Throw Right Throw
• Right Throw. 40 damage, 2 break, -4 on break
• Opponent recovers sideways of FDFT, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.

Any Throw Back Throw
• Back Throw. 50 damage, No Break (Unescapeable)
• Opponent recovers sideways of FUFT, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.

• Front Throw. 40 damage, 1+2 break, -6 on break
• Opponent recovers of FUFT, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.
• But, in certain stages that has floor breaks, be sure to use this throw to got a free Bound! combos, as this throw breaks floor.

• Front Throw. 50 damage, 1+2 break
• Opponent recovers of FDFT, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.

b+1+3+ or b+2+4
• Punch Reversal. 28 damage. Unchickenable.
• Opponent recovers of FUFA, close. Nothing guaranteed, but has possible good Oki's.


Introduction :
Feng doesn?t have Crouch Dash (CD), but Namco gives him Snake Dash. The notation itselfs is quarter circle forward (qcf) or d,df,f. This moves crushes high, and some mid’s also.

Additional for this move, was a series of followups such as :
• qcf+1. Unparriable Low, 33 damage, i22f, -13, +3, combo CH : CHqcf+1,f3,4,d+4,1+2
• qcf+2. Mid, 26 damage, i16f, -13, +10
• qcf+3. Mid, 27 damage, i15f, -12, Standard Launcher (see Juggles Section)
• qcf+4. Mid, 24 damage, i11f, -7, +4 onhit, +4 on CH
• qcf+1+2. Mid 31 damage, i16f, +4 (forced enemy OC on block), +9, Gives B!
• qcf+3+4, i25f, Snake dash to forward STC

As you may already know, Feng’s qcf have also its instant version. The notation is just an iWS (d,df,n). This instant version is very useful. As its shorten (or more like hid) the animation of the Snake Dashing itself.

FYI, qcf also has its own cancelation methods. This uses for canceling out the qcf motion then replace it with normal standing or crouching moves or just for blocking/evading incoming attack. This cancel out of qcf are done by tapping ss, or to be exact is inputing df~ss.

For example. How do we cancel QCF into WS+1?
Just input the qcf motion, but hold it to df,D. Snake dash will end in crouch position, and you can let it go to neutral for a WS+1.

24. bf+1. THE TRAP

As a turtling character, Feng has many options to anticipating a pittbulling opponent. bf+1 is one of the option. bf+1 is a mid 25 frame moves that the initial animation evades many close range attack for a solid 30 damage. As an evasive move, its great for fishing CH from an attacking opponents, as on CH its guaranteed a juggle or any other followup that you prefer.

Okay, it has one major weakness, that its -16f on block. So, timing is the key.

The other weaknesss is its range.

Other fact is :
• on normal hit (NH) it gives no guaranteed follow ups, however it still put us in good oki chances. ie, ff3 is the opp stays laying down.
• if opp back is close to the wall, bf+1 gives small wallsplat,
• if opp back is on the wall, bf+1 gives huge wallsplat,
• bf+1 breaks wall, opening a chance of another wall carry or additional damage and oki chance

Basic Combos of CHbf+1:
• ffn,2~1B! f34,b+1+2 = 73 damage
• ff3 = 57 damage + Oki chance


In Tekken Tag, who you choose as partner will be affecting your gameplay. Well atleast as in its allegience. So allegience is a term that used in TTT for showing Character Relation on its story. And Namco has make it as the allegience affecting the Netsu activation.

Netsu activation is based on how much damage you recieved before your partner entering Netsu (Rage mode).
• If character A Likes character B, then character B only need to recieve 100 damage to make character A entering netsu.
• If character A is Neutral to character B, then character B need to recieve 113 damage to make character A entering netsu.
• If character A dislikes character B, then character B need to recieve 123 damage to make character A entering netsu.
• If character A hate character B, then character B need to recieve 128 damage to make character A entering netsu.

A like-hate difference is only 28 damage points. FYI, an average jab is dealing 8 damage points and throw (1+3/2+4) causing 35 damage poin. So you decide, whether it affecting you or not.

Although personally i think this allegiance system played only a bit part of the whole system. And i thought that its better if you chose your partner to help your main character weaknessess.

So. Feng (storywise) thinks that:
• He Likes (+1): Law, Wang, Jinpachi.
• He Dislikes (-1): Lei, Ogre
• He Hates (-2): Heihachi

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