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Originally posted by hackprefect
CH f+1,d+4_3~4, WS 4, dash 1+4, 2,1,1+2, d/b+4, 3 works. 3~4 gets 75 dmg. The freaking AI used this on me one time. The timing is tight, but it's completely doable. Only difficulty is being in range for the WS 4 to hit. If your dash is too short/late, the 1+4 will miss, but if you see it whiff you can hit 3 to try to force them to block and keep yourself safe. Really not sure if (1+4),3 is safe if they immediately tech, though. I didn't get to test that.

f+4, dash 1+4, picks up just like it used to.

I posted the CH f+1,d+4 combo awhile ago. Does 100+ damage.
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