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Originally posted by Jason4579
Lili is able to bunny hop from her crouch dash animation, but only if the movement has been transition from a string or such. People used to try and show off with constant b+3~f~b+3~f back in BR.

In other news, Lili can no longer pick up the opponent in a FAFT position with an iWS+2 after her 3+4. Surprised no one else has discovered this yet; it was my staple back in BR. Not used much, but a ton of damage on the rare occasions that 3+4 could be used. It's a shame, really.

3+4 has no real horizontal range so the only real time i use it is when the opponent runs up to me
especially when i use b+3

you can cancel qcf with u(makes you sidestep) and use a move
b+3~qcf~u 3+4
i don't see much use for it though because you must go through b+3, and you are open during that time.

ff+3~f~u ws 1,2 <lol