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DK - Lately, my opponents backroll after they get hit by CD+4,1 and I was wondering if it's easy to pull off f+1+2 as a backroll catch? Do I have to dash (a little or deep dash?) or run then execute the move as my opponent is about to get up from backrolling? Is there a strict timing?

Are there other options for backroll catch? I like the idea of CD into ff+3 since it's more safe but I was thinking there should be other options as well. What about dash CD into d/f+1,2 or d/f+1,4 or ff+2?

I want to make my opponent guess 50/50 oki instead of letting them backroll. Usually, I'd do CD+4,1 and they just lie down there and give me a free stomp but they figured out that backroll will avoid any oki options... WRONG! I wanna teach them a lesson and deal with the 50/50 mix-ups because Kazuya could use the most out of it.