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Wow, Leedy's back! When did that happen?

You could also try doing CD to b,f+3 like old DR f+4 style. Dashing into b,f+3 would also work for backrolls from CD+4,1 although I didn't list it as the catch was too weak for it to be necessary.

Gandido, once you are ready to be looking into Kazuya's oki options and stuff, could you have a look to see what advantages or special set-ups you can find to (wall) b+3,1 d/f+3 OTG? as I keep seeing foreign players use this and damage-wise it doesn't stack up to the usual stuff.

Also see if you can find anything solid on backrolls from EWGF EWGF d/f+3 d/f+1,2 B! CD+4,1
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