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Mostly same backroll catches that worked in DR. You could do f+1+2 on backrolls in DR, right?

As you recover, you just f,F....... 1+2. Don't let go of the second f, it just does a short run-up and for why-ever it does, the run and 1+2 goes into a f+1+2. The tip on how far to run shouldn't be that useful since you can work it for yourself with a few tries, but you want to do the short run to roughly where their ankles were before you pull the trigger. I haven't accessed the game for a bit, so it's vague. The timing is rather easy once you realise where to get it, use hit analysis to learn it.

Another more simple one is a run-up hellsweep that gets them at the back end of their roll to put them back in the same situation, guaranteed. Easier to grasp for players than f+1+2 but the same ease of application once you understand how to use them both. The Hellsweep can be useful to double up against te rest of their options as you usually have time to see them tech and stay on track or switch to a mid or whatever. Again, use hit analysis to make sure you're doing it right.

A dash CD into dash d/f+1,4 will also work to launch backrollers quite easily, as will dash CD to f,f+2 or f,f+3. Take your pick of what suits you best. They have the same application as they did in DR, only the oki system has been sped up a bit in T6 so generally they can be a little more strict or specific.
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