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d/f+1,2 spike ender allows a few decent catches but ultimately nothing for quickstand, which kinda kills the mixup unless you are happy to go mid/low with that.

CD+4,1 in open grants several of the same things in DR albeit it in general a couple of things are tighter to pull of in T6 oki. The f+1+2 backroll catch will still work, as will CD into f,f+3, which is probably the better choice these days. CD,n+4 will float quickstands like before, although he should be able to dash into b+2 now.

CD+4,1 juggle enders do not grant good oki because there are no backroll catches. You can use WR+3 to set up a mix-up on backrollers, but that would be be expecting them not to backroll and then step the right way.

CD+4,1 juggle enders do however have a backroll catch from a short juggle like f,f+3 b+2,4 d/b+2 B! CD+4,1 or other 6 hit juggle where running into d/f+4,4 will work. Other players may be able to confirm further backroll catches from that.

Many EWGF enders give that middle field oki like they did in DR with the fillers and distance not changing that much as you run in ASAP; unless it's the 8th hit from something ridiculous like EWGF EWGF (dash) b+2,4 d/b+2 B! (dash) 3,1 DEWGF.

With your testing you will likely find some form of tight running backroll catch for b+1,2 like with Devil Jin.

u/f+3 does not give the middle field oki like in DR. I could not get any backroll catch to work.

I couldn't get dash up to d/f+4,4 or CD,n+4 to work on 1+2 knockdown like DR.

I haven't noticed any real oki advantage from WS+3 than the usual bare stuff, if anything. If his whole WS+3 was stripped out in favour of a clone of Jin's WS+3 then that would have been pretty helpful for Kaz.

Kazuya oki situations are more restricted and few than DR since the loss of d/f+3 on grounded, d/b+3 trip and from b+1 on CH, short unblockables and TGF,3 enders not being shit etc.

Main oki situatons for T6 Kazuya are 1,1,2 - open ground CD+4,1 - CH f+4 - EWGF enders - f+4 spike enders - post wall combo situations and CH f+3.
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