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Originally posted by ninjakamui
after 1,1,2 which are the possible okizeme to use?

1,1,2 oki from my experience

quick roll back = wd f+3 (as seen on Leedy vid posted earlier)
tech roll in to ws move or any move = wd f+3 on ch
tech roll or quick stand = wd mix up depending on how u wanna minimize ur risk and reward (f+3_f,f+3_hs,1_iws+1,2_d/b+4 etc)
stay still = dash d/f+3_d+3+4
side roll = dash wait a bit then dash d/f+3_d+3+4
if u notice that ur opp like to side roll then roll back dash d/f+3,2,1 for full BT combo massive dmg or just use f+3 if u r lazy

any get up kick will also eat ch wd f+3 as well I think need more testing tho