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Originally posted by KomboKaze

If i'm close enough could I cd into d/b +2? and get another B!?

I've did it a few times..

Just wondering if it is TRULY possible after an BnB combo ended with a dewgf , then CD into d/b+2[if they are rolling back]

Also what do yall think about [while crouching,3+4] the move isnt used that much but

what oki can be used after a successful one?

FC d/f+3+4 on hit give great Oki imo

1) dash d/f+3 hit grounded + will re-float back roll or quick stand in to d/f+1,2,B! and u ll be able to hit confirm d/f+3,2 on those who does slow quick stand then block low as well
safest option

2) dash or ss d+3+4 hit grounded + will hit ppl who do quick stand and didn't block low
I use this in order to force ppl to quick stand and block low

3) f,f+3 will work here as well to those who does quick stand and block low for full juggle or if they try to move as soon as they see u input a command to avoid the d+3+4 ground dmg they ll get B!

4) ss around then b+2,4 will sometimes re-float those who try to avoid d+3+4 ground dmg as well

also latest Crazy Dongpal vid he does

ewgf,3,1,4,d/b+2,B! cd d/f+3+4 in to Oki and he nailed cd+4,1 after ward
we will need to look in to this later seems like an ok Oki

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