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This thread will be undergoing a much-necessary re-vamp in the next week.

I'm already settling on a new format which will hopefully allow me to work easier. There is the possibility of having a video compendium (sort of what I did with Devil Jin) of the situations and how they play out.

Keep in mind that I JUST started playing Kazuya again and I haven't been keeping up with things shown on videos and such. I might need a little help getting the list done altogether, and this is where this post comes in.

Like I mentioned earlier in the first post, I want you guys to specify which situations you want me to cover. Not just saying 'cover post juggle' etc. If you want post-juggle, mention which juggles (i.e. how many hits does the juggle have {note: if using TP to launch, subtract 1 from the count - only launching hit + airborne hits matter}, which ender, etc. - check my Devil Jin Oki Index for reference).

These are the ones I want to cover so far. Feel free to add anything which makes my life easier:

Kazuya Mishima T6:BR Okizeme Guide by Gandido

Situations to Cover:

Post 112:

Post b+1,2:

Post CD4,1:

Post CD4,4:

Post 1+2:

Post u/f+3:

Post CD+3+4:

Post grounded d/f+3:

Throw Oki - 2+4, 1+3

Juggle Oki -
b! CD4,1 (# hits)

b! f+4 (# hits, more range dependent than anything)

b! 31, f+3 (# hits)

b! b+31, DEWGF (# hits)

b! d/f+3, EWGF (# hits)

b! d/f+32>1 (# hits)

b! 31 DEWGF (# hits)

b! DEWGF, DEWGF (# hits)


Let me know anything you guys want so I can get right to it.
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