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edit: Message from MCP. I copied this over from the T6 forum. Will be updated slowly until it includes a good set of Oki options for as many situations as possible.

For now, this is a placeholder until I get a format pasted over from the Devil Jin forum, and I figure out what the best possible enders are to ask for oki as well as the typical Kaz situations.

Right now, I need you guys to list all the possible scenarios which you would like tested and listed. Be VERY specific, as in how many hits in the juggle, if using a post b! ender, I need to know how many hits before and after the bounce because that changes things (if not using a spike ender. Hits that end normally get pushed back furthermore depending on how many hits so far).

I'll leave this up to you guys for now.

Things we want to know:

Post CD41 on standing
f+4 spike ender (same regardless of position I think)
d/f+1,2 spike ender (need to test)

Keep adding to this list and you might see a thread.

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