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Originally posted by Icege
Hrm... That's tough. f+2 or d/f+1+2 maybe? I'd test but I'm omw out the door to go to work. iVTS 1?

Good choices! Both f+2 and iVTS 1 seem to work punishing SLIGHTLY farther than d/b+2, however there is still a sweet spot where, like Jack deathfist, everything whiffs and Paul is completely safe. D/f+1+2 isn't fast enough to punish it.

Recognizing that sweet spot is going to be important. In DR I was really good at it because I played a Paul all the time, not so much anymore.

So for the most consistent punish, Marduk's best bet seems to be f+2. Thanks Icege!

Thanks Killerdoll! (glad to hear you're playing Duk btw, really loved your AK!) Unfortunately that last 10 seconds of that match just had a series of events I was NOT ready for. GM tagging, the ss+2 splatting, wall breaking, dead Marduk coming back in, etc etc. My brain just overloaded and froze. Learning experience!
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