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So here's some Drag and Drag/Ling-combos.

I've become a fan of f+3~df~u d+4,4 as post-b! option. It's easier to do than 3,1,2 and does 1 point more damage.

Drag alone.
qcf+2 f+2,4 f+1 f+3~df~u 4,3 B! f+3~df~u d+4,4 = 91 dmg (Hard and inconsistent)
qcf+2 f+2,4 f+1 f+3~df~u 4,3 B! f+3~df~1+2 = 89 dmg (Easy and consistent) (Already posted earlier)
Drag did get some damage buffs with that new move. In comparison, doing the classical qcf+2 f+4,4,3 ff+2 B! 3,1,2 does 85 dmg.

CH f+2,[4] 4,3 B! uf+4 d+4,4 = 82 dmg
Nothing new, but it's stronger than its T6 counterpart.

f+1+2 b+2,1 f+1 f+3~df~u 4,3 B! f+3~df~u d+4,4 = 79

Originally posted by sandilord
-df1, 2, df3~df~4, d44. 43
It seems like we have a relatively easy LP juggle for 43 damage.

I guess you ment df+1 2 f+3~df~4 d+44, not df+3.
But yeah best I've seen so far. It inspired me to rethink my iwr+2-bounds (Doing iwr+2 and getting B! because people do airborne attacks)
wr+2 B! ws+4 f+1 f+3~df~4 d+44 = 53 dmg

Drag and Ling
Drag Point:
df+2/qcf+1/qcf+2/ f+4,4,3 f+1 ff+2~5 f+2,1,4ff+3
qcf+2 f+2,4 f+1,3,2~5 B! f+2,1,4 ff+3
Generally, any juggle Drag does that have 4 airhits before B! will allow Ling to followup with f+2,1,4, then Drag with ff+3.

Ling point:
df+2~1 4 ff+1+2,1+2~5 B! f+2,4 *dash* f+2,1,4
If Ling have 2 airborne hits before B!, Dragu can continue with f+2,4 which will launch high in the sky, allowing Ling f+2,1,4. It's stronger than Dragu f+4,4,3 to Ling f+1+2.
CH ss+3 ff+3 RDS 2,1 ff+1~5 B! f+4,4,3 f+1+2
3-4 hits before B!? Do f+4,4,3 instead and followup with dash f+1+2.
PNX uf+3,1~5 B! f+2,4 b+3 RDS 1,4

W! ff+2~5/b+1+2~5 B! ff+1,3 b+2 ws+1+2
W! ff+1~5/uf+4~5 B! f+2,4 ff+2,1

Ling is boring to combo with Drag. They don't match well. :/

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