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NOTE: "sandwich" is Lars' TA which is performed by f3 (letting Lars slip past the opponent), holding d/b (or d/f if second player), then ws21. If performed correctly Lars should be passing through the opponent via f3 then he must FACE the opponent in a WC (while crouching position) then execute ws21. Unfortunately, "sandwich" doesn't work with bigs. If you have bigs stopping you from sandwiching, just use d/f3,3 as Lars' TA then Drag's ender can be ff3 or qcf1+2.

u/f4~5, *DRAG* b43, f1, f3~CDc 43 B!~5 *LARS* "sandwich" *DRAG* f3~CDc 1+2
f1+2~5, *DRAG* d/f 1+2, ws4, f1, f3~CDc 43 B!~5 *LARS* "sandwich" *DRAG* f3~CDc 1+2

qcf1~5, *LARS* f123 d/f, f31, d/b2~d/f1 B!~5 *DRAG* b43_f443, *LARS* b3~f1_iSW
qcf2~5, *LARS* u/f3, ws2, d/b2~d/f1 B!~5 *DRAG* b43_f443, *LARS* b3~f1_iSW

For the wall:

*LARS* 1+2,2~b, f4121, *DRAG* f3~CDc 312

*DRAG* f3~CDc 312, *LARS* f4121

Please tell me if you can't understand the combos. I'll be glad to post vids of it. But I'm pretty much sure there are alot of videos out there that you can watch.

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