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Originally posted by the mossad man
Didn't see anything with easy mode forest so.....

drag d/f 2, 41, 2, f3, d/f, 132[forest u/f 43] dash 412 (goddamit i only did this like 3 times and i forgot to look at the damage. i think it was like 91 or 88 or something like that so angry with myself right now and my execution is crap lol)

forest b121, tag, drag 2, 43 [forest u/f 43] dash 412 (111 Damage)

Again i'm new so if my notations are off please let me know

but yeah i really like this team. i have some DJ combos but i see not a lot of people are talking about mishimas so i'll keep it clean lol.

Easymode combos for Drag/Forest:

Law df2, 4u3, ff4, 3 TA! (Drag) f+4,4,3 (Law) fff+3 78 Damage, there must be something better than fff+3 I can land as laws ender though?

Drag df+2, 4,1, 1,3,2 TA!(Law) UF+4, 3 (Drag) ff+3 78 Damage, again theres probably a better dragunov ender than ff+3
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